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PAK it up

If there is an opening line to be wary of, it is “Our curator team …”:

Dear Miles Jaffe,
Our curator team has seen your artworks and find these wonderful.
We invite you to participate in our exhibition, Art Fairs and Biennials in Cannes, Basel, Carrousel du Louvre Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna as also to be published in the Art Book and with an interview in Art Magazine.
If You have an interest, please contact us:
best regards,
Curator team
PAKS Gallery

Tanja with Travolta

Tanja with Travolta

A google search for PAKS Gallery returns an embarrassment of riches starting with an artist's website featuring a work "never returned and declared stolen" by PAKS Gallery. Others cite PAKS as a pay-to-play gallery.

Heinz Playner's B-grade website features photobombs of him with a who's who of sports figures and museum directors. His gallery's featured artist (and wife) is Tanja Playner (who?). According to her website, trendsetting Tanja is ranked number 11 of over 320,000 artists worldwide, ahead of Marc Chagall, Roy Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons (who just broke another living artist auction price record at $91m), Erwin Wurm, and others.

According to her bio, Tanja’s amazing career started in 2015 with a Solo Show at PAKS followed by a string of museum exhibitions including the Louvre.

If you wish to venture further down this rabbit hole there is a long way to go. But please stop by Tanja’s website and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.