Shameless Audacity

Received today:

My name is Luca and I’m a young Italian collector, basic lawyer in copyright, which deals with the protection and sponsorship of art.

For many years, I have a great interest in the media and social network, where advertised my collection, my passions and my artistic tastes.

Given the large number of followers (over 27 thousand on my Instagram page @concettotimpani), recently, during Artissima art fair in Turin and Frieze in London, various artists and galleries (first my clients) asked me to publicize their works on my listing, in order to increase their visibility and knowable media.

The proposal interested me and, almost on a bet, is born (or rather, has deepened) #concettotimpani (where “concetto” means concept, and “Timpani” is my last name), as an interactive and dynamic means of communication, based on social networks.

Specifically, the project aims to sponsor more and less famous authors, in order to help the latter (and their galleries of representation), to have visibility and potential customers arising from the audience attracted by the first.

The results, for now, are excellent.

At the moment, for example, I'm taking pictures of works received by Chiara Dynys, Taner Cylan, Romero Britto and Omar Hassan, all artists who have donate to my collection a work (artwork, a signed catalog, a lithograph or similar), in order to suport new young authors and, at the same time, increase their visibility media.

The synergy between more and less famous artists, in fact, undoubtedly increases the number of followers, offering a large and diversified market of potential buyers.

Obviously I don’t give anything, I am a collector and not a gallery. Therefore, I don’t claim any commission on sales, but in fact, only a donation.

Finally, regarding the photos, they are made in a professional manner, but always maintaining a youthful trend, daily and "amateur".

I hope I was clear enough, if you need anything else, please contact me quietly. If you want, can find my last interview on Larry's List

So, I hope to hear you soon, thanks for your time and good day,

Luca Timpani

So in exchange for an original work of art - which I assume I would have to pay to ship to Italy - Luca will post “professional” images of it on his Instagram account. I’m guessing Luca slept through his legal class in ethics.