Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.
         — Leonardo Da Vinci.

Funny thing about that. It can be exceedingly difficult to make something simple. It's really more accurate to say 'appear' simple, because in architecture we are manipulating multiple elements to achieve a specified function within a desired aesthetic.

For me the architectural aesthetic is not just how a building looks but rather how seamlessly it integrates and balances function, construction and appearance together with the least possible compromise to each.

This original 1975 Norman Jaffe house had been thoughtlessly modified and was in need of serious attention. The program was the transformation of a two-bedroom vacation house into a four-bedroom family home. The scope of work included the partial restoration and complete renovation of the original 1,800 square foot house followed by addition to provide the necessary additional functions. 

This was one of my father's favorite houses and I struggled with the design for the addition. I didn't want to compete with Norman's work and I certainly didn't want to detract from it either. In the end I choose to create an addition that reflected the form of existing building. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.