Miles Jaffe is an industrial designer, artist, author and satirist working out of a studio and prototype shop in Bridgehampton, New York.

Raised in his father's architectural office from an early age, Miles worked both drafting tables and construction sites as a youth. After studying industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design, he returned to Bridgehampton to work with his father, architect Norman Jaffe. By the mid 1980’s Miles was designing and building his own architectural and furniture projects while continuing to consult with his father, receiving state and national recognition for work on Gates of the Grove Synagogue in East Hampton.

After his father´s death, Miles spent several years as an apprentice in traditional Japanese construction under Master Builder Jokan Ohama. Today his firm specializes in the design and execution of a wide range of creative projects ranging from architecture and furniture to new media. His satirical book The Hamptons Dictionary has been featured in global media including BBC World News.

Award of Merit
The American Institute of Architects
Gates of the Grove, East Hampton, NY

Certificate of Excellence in Design
The New York State Association of Architects
Gates of the Grove, East Hampton, NY

Honorable Mention
The Architecture Society of Atlanta
Competition: Public Space in the New City


Arnow Residence, Patterson NY
Azzurro Restaurant, New York NY
D'Andrea Residence, East Hampton NY
Hermann Residence I, Southampton NY
Hermann Residence II, Southampton NY
Jaffe Residence, Bridgehampton NY
Leichter Residence II, Bridgehampton NY
Leichter Residence III, Lewisboro NY
Leichter Residence IV, Bridgehampton NY
Price Residence, Bridgehampton NY
Raynes Residence, Southampton NY
Reyniak Medical Office, New York NY
Reyniak Residence, Sagaponack NY
San Miguel Restaurant, New York NY
Simple Pleasures Café, Bridgehampton NY
Youngerman Studio, Bridgehampton NY
Zographos Residence, Bridgehampton NY

565 Fifth Avenue, New York NY
7 Hanover Square, New York NY
Edward Cohen Residence, Southampton NY
Peter Cohen Residence, East Hampton NY
Cross Highway Residence, East Hampton NY
Ferraro Residence, Westhampton Beach NY
Gates of the Grove Synagogue, East Hampton NY
Kroll Residence, Laurel Hollow NY
Pedone Residence, Southampton NY
The Laundry Restaurant, East Hampton NY
Leichter Residence II, Bridgehampton NY
Sea Farm North, Bridgehampton NY


Technical and Management Consultant
400 Unit Housing Development
Mt. Ebo Associates, Brewster NY
Research Consultant
Industrial Housing Technology
Swig, Weiler and Arnow, New York NY

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